Leap Year review

Join Amy Adams in Hollywood's version of Ireland

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If only Ryanair did flights to the Ireland of Hollywood’s imagination. That’s where Bostonian Anna (Amy Adams) is heading after her boyfriend (Adam Scott) fails to pop the question.

Taking advantage of an old leap year custom, she plans to propose on his Dublin business trip. But when her plane diverts to Cardiff and the only available taxi cab is driven by the ruggedly handsome Declan (Matthew Goode), it’s a fair bet things won’t go to plan.

The Oirish sterotypes do grate, but star power saves the day – even playing spoiled and brittle, Adams remains adorable, while Goode has a loose, louche charisma and, most importantly, the pair summon the requisite hissy/kissy chemistry.

Golden Age Hollywood charm (specifically It Happened One Night) with the obligatory modern Hollywood schmaltz thrown in, this will rile anyone who’s been within 100 miles of the real Ireland, but run with it and it’s an enjoyable fantasy all the same.

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