Leaked Destiny video might tease the Vex DLC that never was

Ever wonder how Destiny's Vex are born? A newly uncovered animation seems to show a Vex Goblin being imbued with the milky fluid that we've all grown so fond of shooting out of their bellies. Ok, technically that milky fluid is the Vex, and they just ride around in those robot suits like frothy Gundam pilots. Destiny lore is weird. But you get what I mean.

The only question is why the 34 seconds of silent computer generated footage were ever computer generated in the first place.

Update: The original video was pulled down, but you can still catch it in this YouTuber's re-upload starting at 50 seconds in.

The leading theory for this video's origin is that it was part of a canceled Destiny expansion. Previous leaks indicated that DLC named, or codenamed, Vex Void was meant to follow The Taken King, but Bungie changed directions and dropped the project. That left The Hive and The Fallen with their own dedicated expansions (The Dark Below and House of Wolves, respectively) while The Vex and The Cabal grumbled and kicked rocks in the corner.

With the recent confirmation that Destiny 2 is still planned for 2017, Bungie has likely turned almost all of its attention to the sequel. So the chances of us seeing whatever original Destiny adventures this video was meant to tease are slim. But the studio has taken scrapped material and reworked it into new missions and areas in the past (Taken King's Dreadnaught was originally meant to be part of the base game), so we may not have seen the last of this Vex maternity ward.

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