The 18 most absurd League of Legends Easter eggs

The League of Lore

Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I really dont know enough about League of Legends? Because if you have, youre in luck. League has constantly been evolving since its inception in 2009, and now more than ever is the perfect time to get to know a little more about the game youre going to sink over 100 hours of your life into over the next year.

From sibling rivalries to hidden passives, the Fields of Justice have more to them than youd originally think. Did you know that there's a hidden Pokemon reference in the game? Did you know that there are super secret passive buffs? And that's not all--there are dozens of little secrets hidden throughout League, and we've gathered some of the best in one place.

The Piltover girls got some beef

While Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx all hail from the country of Piltover, dont think that theyre all buddy buddy. In the lore (yes, League has lore), Vi and Caitlyn are the police duo who have made it their prerogative to hunt down the absolutely insane Jinx. This is reflected in the game as well. When Jinx is on the opposing team of Cait or Vi, they all get cosmetic buffs called Catch me if you can! And for every cop Jinx kills she gets one extra gold, same for Vi and Cait every time they slay the vagabond.

If youre a smaller champ, theres actually a chance your dead body could be eaten

Because theres a shark in League of Legends. No its not a champ, its Fizzs buddy from his ult Churn the Waters. If youre Annie, Amumu, Veigar, Kennen, or any of the other tinier champs on the Rift then youre in danger of being nommed. All that has to happen is you need to be killed by Fizzs R, and not even your body will remain on the battlefield. Other champions' corpses remain, just not the poor tiny ones.

Nidalee is a cougar in every sense of the word

There are more than a few hidden passives in League of Legends, but none so beautiful as Nidalees hidden cougar passive. What does it do? Allies who are a lower level than Nidalee will gain +5 exp every 5 seconds if Nidalee is nearby. Get It? Because shes a yeah.

Skarner is actually an aspiring Pokemon

Though youd only know it if you were sitting in a bush unmoving. After the 12 seconds are up and youve successfully watched your team get slaughtered without your presence, Skarner will bare his claws and say Skar Skar Skarner! Its cute, he wants to be a Pokemon :3

Sejuani is a redhead with no soul

When anything dies on the Fields of Justice while Thresh is nearby, it will drop a soul for him to collect and gain strength from. Everything subscribes to this rule: minions, Champions, and even the Dragon. The developers go as far as to make sure that champions comprising two living beings drop two souls. When Nunu dies, two souls are dropped for both him and Wallop. When Sejuani and her boar die though, only one soul gets dropped. Which of course just begged a deluge of redhead jokes due to that strange meme that redheads have no souls.

Ninjas work better alone

Sometimes characters will get cosmetic buffs just for the fact that they are who they are. For instance, Gangplank has a Yarrr, Im a mighty pirate! buff while Miss Fortune has the compliment Yarrr, Im a mighty pirate hunter! All the ninjas of the game, on the other hand, have the cosmetic buff of This unit is a flippin ninja. But ninjas work better alone, and so for every ninja on the same team, they all lose 1 health.

Plants vs. Zombies

Ah the bitter rivalry of Plants and Zombies. Also as bitter as the pirate versus ninjas rivalry (which, yes is in the game too). In the left corner representing the plants, is Zyra. In the right corner, the bastion of zombies, is Sion. Does it affect the game at all? Only a little. Whenever Sion and Zyra kill one another, they get an extra two gold thrown into the bounty.

Bugs vs. Cats?

While not as well known as some of the other rivalries, it is definitely known that cats dont like bugs right? Well whatever, it exists in League of Legends in the form of an event between KhaZix and Rengar on opposite teams. Once Rengar purchases his Bonetooth Necklace and Kha uses all of his upgrades, a quest objective titled The Hunt is on! chimes for both players. If Rengar kills Kha first, his necklace gets upgraded to The Head of KhaZixs and grants him full permanent stacks. If Kha kills Rengar first, he gets another evolution upgrade.

Wearing sunglasses protects you from Leona

We all know UV rays are dangerous, so really Leona is more powerful than we give her credit for. Some champions on the Fields of Justice are prepared for her sunny destruction though. Champions and skins that have sunglasses will take one less damage from Leonas Sunlight ability. Good on Riot for maintaining a shred of scientific accuracy in the champion designs.

Zach was once an Associate Editor for Future, but has since moved into games development. He's worked at EA and Sledgehammer Games, but is now Narrative Director on League of Legends and Valorant at Riot Games.