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Fight the Apocalypse
It’s officially your favourite show of 2009 (according to the results of the SFX Sci-fi Awards) and now Supernatural is back with season five debuting in the UK this month. It hasn’t exactly been an easy ride for Sam and Dean Winchester over the past four years, with Dean taking a return trip to hell and Sam getting himself addicted to demon blood being little more than minor annoyances compared to what’s instore for the demon-slaying duo. Season five sees the brothers facing their biggest challenge yet as Lucifer escapes hell and finds himself wandering on our celestial plane, and we’ve got the inside scoop from the show’s cast and crew.

Plus! Clash Of The Titans
Oh Swords and sandals how we’ve missed ye. While it might have replaced stop motion with 3D CGI there’s much to be excited about with Louis Leterrier’s remake of the beloved Ray Harryhausen classic, starring leading man of the moment Sam Worthington. We chat to the director about giant scorpions and releasing the Kraken.

The SFX Sci-fi Awards 2010
The votes have been counted, the champagne is nice and chilled and you’re invited to the red carpet event you can attend from the comfort of your sofa, the SFX Awards 2010! You might be a little surprised at some of the winners but remember they’re your awards, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Solomon Kane
Robert E Howard’s Puritan warrior has finally made the leap to the big screen with British thesp James Purefoy brandishing the signature rapier and dual flintlock pistols to take on the mantle as Kane. He might be the pain-giver onscreen, but in this exclusive one on one interview it’s Purefoy that spills his guts (note: not literally).

Chuck Season 3
It may have been balancing precariously on the razor’s edge of cancellation for much of its second season, but Chuck’s back and he’s a kung-fu master! We speak to the cast and crew to find out what’s in store for everyone’s favourite nine to five secret agent.

Alice In Wonderland
You’d have to be as mad as a hatter to gaze through this particular looking glass, but luckily we are. Read all about Alice’s return to Lewis Carroll’s crazy world in this exclusive interview with director Tim Burton.

The A-Z of anime
Don’t know your Jin-Roh from your Otaku? Then you won’t want to miss our essential guide to anime and manga. It’s the perfect blaggers guide and a darn good read for anime experts, all rolled into one.

Danger Mouse: Rewind
The world’s first (and last) rodent secret agent, Danger Mouse and his faithful sidekick Penfold were a mainstay of children’s television for more than a decade, and you can find out the secret history of the show straight from the mouths of the dynamic duo.

The Six Million Dollar Man: Time Machine
We can rebuild him… or at least write a nice retrospective feature on him, Steve Austin – the bionic Six Million Dollar Man – gets the Time Machine treatment.

True Blood’s mischievous Michelle Forbes, The Vampire Diaries’ devious Ian Somerholder and debut fantasy author Colin Buchanan go under the microscope.

Book Club
Ark author Stephen Baxter hops on board the Jules Verne express for a trip From The Earth To The Moon.

Wishlist: Primeval Season Four
It survived extinction and a network imposed ice age, but Primeval will return in 2011 for a brand new season of dino-hunting fun, and your not short of ideas as to how the cast and crew can make season four the best yet. Those tele types need look no further.

Spoiler Zone
The Christmas break means a slightly malnourished Spoiler Zone this month, but by way of compensation we pass judgement on the mighty tenth Doctor’s final adventure in The End Of Time. There’s also continued coverage of Merlin, Eastwick, Dollhouse, Paradox, Fringe and Sanctuary; as well as the first word on the new seasons of Survivors and Being Human.

Sigil Search
You’re getting closer to the Enochian Sigil. Some queries come up time and time again. To find the Sigil visit the destination on you’d go to find out answers. Number 43 will take you where you need to go.

Plus! We can hardly believe our eyes, there’s more:

BIG SHOT: It’s not a sequel to cult classic Repo Man but Repo Men looks like it could be bloody good fun, with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker starring as two heavies out to repossess organs should their hosts fall behind in their payments.

FREEZE FRAME: The best trailer of the year? Quite possibly, but we might be a little biased because to say we’re a tad excited about the return of ol’ shell head would be akin to saying Scarlett Johansson is a bit pretty. And we like Scarlett Johansson.

What’s that you say? You’d like to read an exclusive interview with brand new Who supreme Steven Moffat on what the future has in store for Doctor eleven? The good news is you don’t have to travel across time and space because we have it right here in the latest Red Alert.

The first word on True Blood Season Three and horror director Christopher Smith’s follow-up to Triangle – Black Death – starring everyone’s favourite Northerner Sean Bean.

We look at Stephen King’s first co-authored original comic in the Western horror strip American Vampire.

Take a trip to the all singing, all dancing, The Wonderful World Of Death with the Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding.

It’s that time again, book a year off work, send the kids to the grandparents and stock up on snack foods, a new Final Fantasy is imminent and we’ve got the inside skinny from legendary producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Ocean’s Eleven in space starring the brilliant Sean Pertwee? Count us onboard with Slingers.

Roger Corman classic Battle Beyond The Stars gets a comic book prequel in Battle Amongst The Stars

Jasper Kent’s returning to the time of the Tsars in Thirteen Years Later.

RATED: Solomon Kane, Ponyo, Jennifer’s Body, Pandorum, Joe Hill’s Horns, Siege and Mass Effect 2. Plus a treasure trove full besides!

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