Latest Outriders Broadcast is a deep dive into the campaign, companions, and more

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The latest Outriders (opens in new tab) Broadcast provides a detailed look at the game's campaign, companions, travel system, and side-quests while also revealing new enemy types and environments. Check out the video here (opens in new tab).

Outriders Broadcast 2 - Journey and Structure details the "dark and desperate" sci-fi story at the heart of Outriders' campaign. With an hour and a half of performance-captured cutscenes included in the game, and an extra two hours of cutscene that fleshes out side missions and supplements the main story path, expect these to drive you forward through gameplay. 

The broadcast also details how you navigate the "massive" world of Enoch, which boasts a pretty expansive physical distance you'll need to traverse to make your way through the story. We saw the First City in the first Outriders broadcast (opens in new tab), which is just one part of the larger colonized Enoch. Here, society has been pushed back to the Dark Ages thanks to Enoch's Anomaly storms and terrifying wild animals, but thanks to your status as an Outrider, you're one of the few people powerful enough to leave the human settlements and venture out further to discover the planet's secrets. 

Outriders will have a hub-and-spoke map system like Destiny and Anthem, where busy, settled areas act as the hubs and free-roam combat areas are the spokes. You'll holster your weapons while in a hub, but you can sell scrap, buy weapons, and drink at bars in order to hear gossip and obtain bounties. 

In Outriders, side-quests and rewards will scale to your level, so early side-quests can be meaningful in the late game. These side-quests will reveal more of Enoch's secrets, but beware, as you can easily miss them. Outriders Broadcast 2 shows us a side-quest atop a snowy mountain, where entire crews have gone mad and disappeared. Naturally, this side-quest sends you off to find them and pits you up against a mad cultist leader. The reward? A sweet piece of new gear - you're offered three options and have to pick one.

The broadcast also announced that acclaimed composer Inon Zur (of Fallout and Dragon Age fame) is behind the Outriders score. The video takes you behind the scenes and shows the process of recording the music for Outriders, which will help set the dark and desperate tone.

These monthly Outriders Broadcasts will take place until the game's Holiday 2020 release on current and next-gen consoles.

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