Latest Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer shows new Fallen and Vex enemies on Europa

A new trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light takes us on a tour through Europa, the new destination coming this fall, and it's chock-full of enemies as well as eye candy.

Curiously, the trailer seems to open with narration from Variks, an ancient Fallen leader who first appeared in Destiny 1 around the Prison of Elders. It looks like we'll run into him on Europa in addition to the Drifter, the Exo Stranger, and good-old Eris. 

The environments are the star of this trailer. Europa's surface is an endless sheet of ice, but its innards are filled with colorful factories, bizarre machinery, and more Darkness-brand architecture than we've ever seen. There's an industrial theme to many environments, but the clean primary colors and sterile white backdrops of some chambers almost remind me of Mirror's Edge.

In addition to the places we'll explore, this trailer also shows us some of the enemies we'll fight. We already knew that a new tribe of Fallen led by antagonist Eramis awaits us on Europa, but this is the first time we've seen a few enemies. Beyond the Stasis-enhanced Fallen, which seem to have brought some freaking mechs with them, there's also a new Vex unit which looks like a Harpy crossed with a robot chicken. Whatever it is, it's got actual legs, and it can pounce with the best of them. Thankfully, we've apparently got a new ultra-wide tank to counter it. 

This trailer was released alongside a new page on Bungie's website which shows us the Europa map in its entirety. It looks like a pretty darn big destination – at least on par with the Moon in Shadowkeep, and quite possibly larger. Here's a recreation of the full map: 

(Image credit: Bungie)

There are five main areas on Europa, and Bungie's given each one a short description:

  • Eventide Ruins: "Once home to thousands of settlers, and now all that remains of Clovis Bray's colony."  
  • Asterion Abyss: "The Vex structures visible on the surface are only the tip of the iceberg." 
  • Cadmus Bridge: "A snow landscape and the last-known location of the buried Bray Exoscience facility." 
  • Charon's Crossing: "The site of Europa's communication center and the origin of a distress signal sent by Variks.
  • Beyond: "An old friend awaits us in this clearing that overlooks the conflict between Light and Dark."

Europa looks, well, perhaps not inviting, but worth plundering at the very least. We're looking forward to going spelunking when Beyond Light arrives on November 10. 

With the new and uniquely customizable Stasis subclasses coming this fall, Bungie is flexing its RPG muscles.

Austin Wood

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