Last Year In Marienbad review

Inspirational or indulgent? Another chance to make up your mind about Resnais’ stylish mystery

Marienbad review

In a stiffly ornate grand hotel, a man and a woman meet.

He insists they met a year previously and had an affair. She denies ever seeing him before. A sinister, saturnine man – her husband, her lover? – lurks in the background.

Fifty years on, Alain Resnais’ ice-cold enigma of a film still looks as stylish as ever in widescreen B&W, as Sacha Vierny’s camera tracks down endless corridors or lingers transfixed by Delphine Seyrig’s sphinxlike beauty.

A sublime meditation on memory, perception and fantasy – or art-house pretension at its emptiest? The jury’s still out...

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