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The Last of Us update adds new multiplayer mode

Naughty Dog has released a significant The Last of Us update. In addition to addressing multiplayer balance issues and bug fixes, game update 1.03 introduces a new tactical multiplayer mode called Interrogation.

Interrogation sees teams vying to defend supply caches while trying to raid the opposing team's. To locate the other team's safe, players must hold enemies still and interrogate them instead of killing them, leaving themselves open to attack. Gather enough intel and they’ll be able to mount a raid on the opposing team’s supplies.

Naughty Dog also plans to release three DLC packs for the game, one campaign add-on and two multiplayer ones.

Update 1.03 features:

  • Increased revive range
  • Adjusted balance on item cast locations on a few maps
  • Can prevent an execution by shooting the executioner, canceling the animation
  • Bug fixes related to intro cameras at the start of a match
  • Improved matchmaking for better game balance
  • Fixed item caches awarding too much to players who've just made a comeback