The Last of Us strategy guide

10 Tips from BradyGames

Here are 10 tips to help players through The Last of Us brought to you by BradyGames. More can be found in their Limited Edition and Signature Series strategy guides which feature the following:

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1. Always have a bottle or brick handy

Always have a bottle or brick in your backpack, since these often come in handy to distract or stun your opposition. Try taking a Clicker head on, by whipping a bottle at it and going in with melee attacks while it is stunned.

2. Keep Shivs Handy

If possible, be sure you have a Shiv handy at all times. These weapons get you through Shiv Doors, where a huge cache of supplies can always be found on the other side. A Shiv is also required to take down a Clicker, once it has been grabbed.

3. Utilize your Listen Mode

Any time you enter an encounter, take cover and utilize your Listen Mode. This way you can assess the situation and plan your attack. Last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by a group of foes because you ran into the middle of them.

4. Conserve your ammo

The harder the difficulty, the more you are limited on ammo and crafting supplies. Therefore, conserve your ammo whenever you can by remaining in stealth as you sneak past enemies or eliminate them with stealth takedowns. Explosives should be saved for Bloaters or large groups of foes.

5. Don't forget about your Smoke Bombs

Do not forget about your Smoke Bombs. Use one to obscure your escape into hiding when overwhelmed, or throw one at your enemies and rush in with a Shiv at the ready.

6. Explore every nook and cranny

Explore every nook and cranny to find parts and supplements, including drawers, cabinets, shelves, and the floor of many areas. These are very valuable commodities and can make your journey a bit easier with Joels Skill and Weapon Upgrades.

7. Weapon Sway and Shiv Master are great skills to buy early

Consider grabbing the Weapon Sway Skill when you have collected enough supplements. Defeating enemies from a distance is much easier because this Skill makes the reticule more stable. Listen Mode Distance and Shiv Master are also great Skills to buy as early on as you can.

8. Dealing with Infected-Stalkers

Infected-Stalkers tend to hide behind cover until you are close, where they ambush with a quick attack. Have your Shotgun at the ready whenever these creatures are around, since you dont have much time to react.

9. Keep an eye out for Optional Conversation Prompts

Keep an eye out for Optional Conversation prompts. Interacting with these points starts a conversation, often giving you more insight into what this post-pandemic world is like from other perspectives. These conversations can also earn you money to spend on skins, art galleries, and render modes.

10. Weapon Modifications will make your melee weapons even deadlier

Melee weapons become even deadlier once they are modified with the blade and binding Crafting Supplies. Once you are able to make a modification, take the time to craft one of these weapons.