The Last of Us Avatars and themes now playing on PSN

Now that Naughty Dog's involvement with The Last of Us has been outed, the studio is wasting no time in cultivating a fan base for its upcoming apocalyptic survival title. This week, the studio uploaded a collection of The Last of Us media to the PlayStation Store, including Joel and Ellie Avatars ($.50 each), The Last of Us Static Theme, and The Last of US Announcement Trailer.

This is the first of many game-themed goodies Naughty Dog has planned for PS3 owners in the coming months. The game itself will follow the aforementioned Joel and Ellie as they attempt to find refuge in a world overrun by a strange fungal virus. Naughty Dog noted repeat viewings of the announcement trailer will give eagle-eyed players a better idea of what's in store for the duo, and how the new IP will play.

Reflecting on the response to The Last of Us' big reveal at the Spike VGAs last weekend, the studio wrote: “The reception to the announcement has us all high-fiving and breathing a collective sigh of relief as some of you started to get very close to exposing the truth of just who is behind The Last of Us mere days before the announcement. We're excited to share more details and can't wait to immerse you in a truly genre-defining experience.”

The Last of Us PSN content is available now, while the game is due to hit PS3 sometime in late 2012/early 2013. See what we've already dug up on Naughty Dog's next big project in our very own The Last of Us report.

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