Last of Us Part 2 is 50% done and God of War will be 25 hours long, say devs at PSX 2017

Okay so, the PlayStation Experience 2017 opening ceremony was... a little underwhelming. Where many expected a barrage of announcements and reveals, we instead got relaxed chit-chats between developers sitting on couches. And while there aren't a plethora of bombastic trailers to dig through this year, there was still noteworthy information regarding The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War.

First, The Last of Us 2. Director Neil Druckmann said during a PSX 2017 panel featuring himself, writer Halley Gross and stars Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, Ian Alexander, Victoria Grace, and Laura Bailey, that development was roughly halfway done. Maybe. "We finished a lot- We’ve handed off a bunch of levels, there’s a bunch of stuff being worked on," he said. "We’re like 50 to 60 percent done? I don't know. I don't know how far."

Okay so, hard to tell if Druckmann is just being humble or genuinely doesn't know. But if you want to judge for yourself, you can watch the whole panel below (Druckmann's comment regarding the game's completion is at 52:23):

As for God of War, director Cory Barlog said during the PSX 2017 keynote that players should expect Kratos' adventure to last roughly 25-35 hours. That's certainly a change from previous God of War games, which averaged 9-11 hours (though of course they'd last a bit longer if you hunted down every collectible). But considering this newest God of War's gameplay and setting are also a major departure from previous entries, that makes sense.

Barlog also explained that the team has dialed back Atreus (the boy)'s chatter, saying he piped up just a little too frequently in the Paris Games Week trailer. Unfortunately, despite a leak earlier this month that suggested a March 22, 2018 release date, Barlog was tight-lipped about when the game would come out, and all we know at this point is that God of War is coming sometime in 2018. Skip to 50:55 in the video below to catch the whole interview:

Even if we don't know much about them currently, God of War and The Last of Us Part 2 are bound to be two of Sony's biggest upcoming games. What else do you have to look forward to? Check out our list of the best games coming in 2018.

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