Lady Gaga may be coming to Fortnite after famously asking "what's fortnight?"

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New Fortnite leaks suggest Lady Gaga may be coming to the game in some capacity, sending rumors swirling that the pop star will stage an in-game concert.

According to well-known Fortnite leaker Max aka @FNLeaksAndInfo, a new collaborative emote called Jug Band plays what sounds a helluva lot like Lady Gaga's 2008 hit 'Poker Face' when four players join together to perform it. Listen for yourself - it's clearly the song that got so many of us through the summer of the recession.

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Last month, an assortment of leaked assets were revealed, including a concert stage, scaffolding, and speakers that were meant to be erected on Fortnite Island. And an official Epic Games press release confirmed Lady Gaga would be one of the artists whose music will play on in-game radios as part of this year's Rainbow Royale, Fortnite's LGBTQIA+-themed festival. And with Fortnite Season 4 set to kick off in just a few weeks, a Gaga concert would be a nice way to send off the previous season. 

If you consider this along with the information revealed in May during the Epic vs Apple lawsuit trial, a Lady Gaga collab isn't a total stretch. Gaga was one of the scrapped/postponed collaborations detailed in documents shown during the trial, with alleged plans to have her join the game in some capacity in December 2021. 

The Fortnite Ariana Grande concert was a massive success, so adding Lady Gaga to the game makes a lot of sense - especially when you consider the pride-themed events going on in Fortnite at the moment. And while I am undoubtedly excited because I am an Italian-American woman who wants nothing more than to see a 'Rain on Me' performance in Fortnite, the collaboration's merit can be seen even with unbiased eyes. If Lady Gaga is indeed coming to Fortnite, she'll finally have an answer to her famous 2019 question:

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Anyway, Little Monsters, prepare to rise up. 

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