L.A. Noire's Cole Phelps gets real (annoying) in comedy sketch

L.A. Noire's Cole Phelps may be one of the most life-like avatars to walk the digital beat, but take away the fancy facial mo-cap, solid writing and expressive voice acting and he's still just a video game character saddled with all the mental limitations and awkward quirks that come with the virtual territory. Still think Cole could hack it in the real world? See just how badly Phillips screws the pooch as a real-life detective in this Funny or Die sketch.

I've yet to play L.A. Noire (curse you, Canada Post strike!), but from what little I've seen, Funny or Die appears to have Cole's number. And then, I can't think of any video game character that wouldn't look like a spastic,mentally unbalanced drone in the flesh.

June 20, 2011

[Source:Funny or Die]

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