Exclusive: Kristen Stewart commands a submarine (and your attention) in a new image from deep-sea horror Underwater

(Image credit: Fox)

“The feeling you get even 40ft underwater is unsettling – just a feeling of pure isolation. Being seven miles from the surface… that's terrifying.” Throw in a sea monster and you’ve got the hook for director William Eubank’s deep-sea horror, Underwater – a film that nods to Alien and The Abyss as it strands a crew of scientists on the black bottom of the ocean after something wrecks their laboratory.

“I had a really creepy idea for a creature,” Eubank, returning to sci-fi after Love and The Signal, tells our sister publication Total Film. “As wild as our imagination is though, we still aren't touching the crazy stuff that actually exists in real life. It's pretty scary how many insane things are really down there.”

Kristen Stewart stars as Norah, the Ripley-esque researcher who finds herself strapped into a 200lb dive suit with the rest of her crew as they attempt to escape the horror – made even scarier for the cast by the decision to use real-world tech. “They were in fully-functioning submersible suits,” says Eubank. “I directed for half a day in one and I came out drenched in sweat. If you're even slightly claustrophobic, you're in for a whole world of holy moly.”

Above, you can see an exclusive picture of Stewart from the movie, which also stars Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick and T.J. Miller. Underwater reaches cinemas on January 10, 2020.