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Kristen Bell talks the future of Veronica Mars

For cult TV fans, there can't be many more anticipated 2014 movies than Veronica Mars .

A big screen revival of a hugely beloved teen detective series that ran between 2004-2007, its resurgence via a Kickstarter-funded fan drive is as much a joy to its lead Kristen Bell as its fans.

We sat down with Bell to chat all things Disney's Frozen (in which she voices the titular, kooky princess), and needled her noodle about where the character is at when the movie starts, what the final day on set was like, and where she sees the future of the franchise lying...

TF: What would you say fans can expect, and how does the film evolve her character from the last time we saw her?

KB: Rob knows how to create stakes and write for the audience and he’s an unselfish writer. He thought that the most interesting Veronica would be one that was far, far away from sleuthing and something should rope her back in. It’s like The Godfather : you’re just pulled back into the abyss that is your old life and you have no choice but to do it.

The idea that she left it all behind, well, if you tell a hardcore fan that she’d made that choice, they’d think ‘well she can’t do that, she can’t do that’ and that’s exactly what [Rob] wanted and that’s exactly what she did. She’s left it all behind, living in New York and then Logan is arrested and she has no choice but to get roped back in.

TF: You’ve wrapped now, so what was the final day on set like? Surely it must’ve been emotional revisiting that character after so long and then having to say goodbye again?

KB: It was, I wrapped two days before everyone else wrapped, so it wasn’t as emotional as it would’ve been on the very last day. It was wonderful - when we all hugged goodbye, we were all optimistic that having come this far, we should push for more, I mean why not? Star Trek did it. Why can’t we make a movie a year?

TF: Would you like to see it evolve into something else? Arrested Development obviously came back through Netflix... or do you think that the future of Veronica Mars is firmly in movies?

KB: I’m not Nostradamus, but I would like to see it live on in movies, like Star Trek . I know that is a crazy example to use, but it was a really popular show that did a movie every year or so and that kept the fan base. I’m not going to say we’re going to start doing $50m Veronica Mars movies every year, but we don’t need that. We’ve got a good cast and a good writer/director, so we tell the story without such a big budget. I personally would like to do sequels.

Veronica Mars is set to open in cinemas in 2014.

Frozen is in UK cinemas from 6 November 2013.

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