Konami remade MGS 3 in Fox Engine for a Pachinko game and everyone's *furious*

Ever since Konami and Kojima parted ways there’s been that huge question hanging over what’s next for Metal Gear Solid? A new trailer answers that: pachinko. 

Here's what the machines look like. Note the literal snake and exclam indicators. 

It was clearly always going to happen (Konami makes so much money from Pachinko). But it’s the fact that it appears to use MGS 5’s Fox engine to recreate the final pivotal meeting between Snake and The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3 that seems to be salt in fans' wounds. Pounds of salt; rubbed vigorously in. It even throws in a look at the rest of the Cobra unit as well. Here's the trailer: 

And here's a look at what a HD current gen MGS 3 would look like in Fox engine: 

Predictably, the internet has reacted like Konami reached into its childhood, tore out the memories and stamped on them. YouTube-land has taken it particularly hard: 

However, YouTube is famous for its sweary fury so how's the rest of the world taking it? 

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The unhappiness even crosses the language barrier: 

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And, holy shit, even Geoff Keighley, the most diplomatic man in games, is getting in on the action. 

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Obviously there are a few people who are just excited to see what Snake Eater looks like in HD, but overall there are a lot very angry people taking this as some sort of mocking insult. Just to re-emphasise - Konami makes so much money from pachinko that this was always going to happen. And who knows? Maybe they're just using the cut scenes from a secret MGS 3 HD remake they haven't announced yet. 

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