Kojima: VGAs may become the new E3 for game announcements

This year's Spike Video Game Awards were arguably just as notable (if not more so) for the new content shown off as for the awards themselves. The show was an invaluable platform for Hideo Kojima, in particular, who in one evening turned Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance from a quietly-cancelled problem-project into one of the most-anticipated titles of next year. Kojima thinks the show's a perfect medium for game reveals: in fact, the MGS dev thinks the VGAs could soon replace E3 as a venue for game announcements.

“From next year on, announcing new title[s] at VGA may become a trend, rather than announcing at E3,” tweeted Kojima today. The suggestion makes sense: E3's unlikely to disappear as the venue for announcing new hardware to press and retailers, but an occasion dedicated to celebrating games' creative entertainment potential would seem like a much better way for developers to speak directly to players. We'd hate to see games' long-standing love-hate relationship with the event come to an end, but it'll be interesting to see if Kojima's speculations are borne out in the coming years. How would you feel about such a shift?