Hideo Kojima says making games is 'like the Olympics'. We say Photoshopping Koj's head to a weightlifter is 'amusing'

At least a billion people are watching the Olympics. Funnily enough, Hideo Kojima says the Olympics are just like when he makes a Metal Gear Solid game. Of course it is. I mean it's easy to see when you think about it...

No, that's not right. Must be...

Nope, still not seeing it. How about...

Oh God! Not that either! OK, so how is it just like the Olympics? According to Andriasang's translation of Kojima's Twitter feed, the Konami visionary said:

"When asked what the MGS series is to you, I once responded, 'It's like the Olympics.' A big event held every three or four years. You devote your life to the major goal of a fight on the world stage. You think of nothing beyond that. The latter half becomes difficult, and you think that you'll retire after this. But after release, you think about the next tournament."

Oh, right. And there we were thinking it was because both the Olympics and Metal Gear games have four-hour long opening cinematics. Silly us.

Source: Andriasang

Justin Towell

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