Kojima Productions is getting a couple of cool Ludens figures

Kojima's at San Diego Comic Con because that guy can't stay in the office for more than five minutes. However, while he's there he's been tweeting out some pretty cool pictures of his studio's mascot as an action figure. 

The first is this 1000toys' version: 

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It looks like you'll be able to strip that thing right down, as Kojima's also tweeted shots of the "original body base", alongside designer Yoji Shinkawa. 

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There's also a smaller, less complicated version as well: 

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And, if you like 'em cute, then there's a couple of Nendoroid versions as well. 

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That's quite a lot of merch considering we still don't know exactly who or what Ludens is. We've seen Death Stranding (and Walking Dead) star Norman Reedus inside the suit, but talk from the studio seems to suggest this isn't a character in any game it's working on. 

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