Kojima: "I'm not a genius like George Lucas"

The Metal Gear series is renowned for its deep storyline (told in overly-long cutscenes), yet series creator Hideo Kojima says: "I'm not a genius like George Lucas."

Kojima has made it known that the fourth game of the series, out June 12, will wrap up the long-running Solid Snake plot, but this long and extremely complex story wasn't something Kojima had all mapped out.

"I didn't have this story planned out," he told Reuters. "I always tried to finish the story in each game," he admitted, adding: "but by some miracle in MGS4 I was able to resolve the mysteries left behind in past games and resolve the side stories from past games."

Even though it wraps up the current story, Kojima goes on to say that it this isn't the last of MGS. "MGS will always be around. I feel a responsibility to continue this series as long as users demand it," he said.

"I'll probably take a different role in the next game. Maybe I'll sit in as producer and let the young staff take control of the new series. I really want to go on to new things."

Courtesy of CVG.

May 30, 2008