Kirby Fighters 2 gets an official reveal and is now available on the Nintendo eShop

Update: Kirby Fighters 2 has been officially revealed with a new launch trailer, and it's now available to buy on the Switch from the digital eShop. 

Nintendo released the trailer after the sequel to the Kirby brawler appeared on the digital storefront before it was officially revealed. In the game, you can choose from a selection of Kirby's "most iconic copy abilities" to battle it out and try to be the last Kirby standing. 

Now available for £17.99 / $19.99, the launch trailer shows off some of the copy abilities you can fight with, including Ninja, Fighter, Parasol, Bomb, Whip, Bell, and many more. Other classic Kirby characters also make an appearance with the likes of Bandana Waddle Dee, Magolor, Meta Knight, and King Dedede.

You also get a rundown of the four game modes featured. Battle Mode offers a selection of different stages and items, Online Mode lets you challenge friends "near and far", and Story Mode sees you and a pal climb a tower to take on King Dedede and Meta Knight. Finally, in Single-handed mode, you take on different opponents solo.

Original story: Nintendo appears to have leaked Kirby Fighters 2 for Nintendo Switch on its own digital eShop.

The now deleted listing first spotted by Wario64 contained cover art for the sequel, alongside a full product description, which reads as follows: 

"Choose from a cast of Kirby’s most iconic copy abilities—including the brand-new Wrestler ability—and duke it out to be the last Kirby standing. Familiar friends and foes like Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede also make an appearance as playable characters in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Swtich™ system."

Kirby Fighters started out as a minigame in 2014's Kirby: Triple Deluxe for 3DS, but Nintendo eventually released it as its own standalone title in the form of Kirby Fighters Deluxe in 2015. 

Somewhat similar in style to last year's Super Kirby Clash, the series is a 2D brawler inspired by Super Smash Brash, where players fight each other across a variety of modes and maps, with a suite of items and tools to experiment with. 

It's unclear when Nintendo plans to officially announced Kirby Fighters 2, but given that it's already on the eShop, we wouldn't be surprised to see a stealth launch sometime this week. We'll be sure to let you know when we hear more. 

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