Kirby: Air Ride Cheats

Kirby: Air Ride Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Special Stars!

    Shadow Star
    Use Quick Spins to defeat 10 enemies.

    Wing Star
    Win a race while flying. You need to come in 1st.

    Bulk Star
    Win Celestial Valley in 3 minutes 20 seconds.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kevin


    Boosts: When you charge up and then let go it increases speed.
    Top speed: Each top speed you get increases your speed by 0.50 mph.
    Turn: If you get too many turns you get out of control.
    Charge: Each charge you get increases you charge by 0.10 seconds.
    Glides: Each glide you get makes you glide more than 25 feet per!
    Weight: Makes it easier for you to kill someone.
    Offense: Destroys boxes and other things faster.
    Defense: Make you life not go down as fast.
    HP: increases your life

  • GameCube | Submitted by KEVIN

    Sky Star

    City Trial

    If you hit the big star while gliding, you'll get 6-10 items popping out. 4 of those are food while the other six are: 2 boosts, 1 top speed, 2 hearts, and 1 turn most likely.

  • GameCube | Submitted by kirbystar

    Drag Racing

    There are three really good vehicles to use in the Stadium Drag Races.

    The Wheelie Scooter is good when there are a lot of boost pads on the ground, for it hits them automatically.

    The Swerve Star is good for a long, straight race, as it is the the second fastest vehicle available in Drag Race. It can't hit boost pads, though...

    The Formula Star starts out slow, yes, but if it's a long race, use it, as it has the highest top speed available in Drag Race.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mark

    Hop off Air Ride Machine

    Press A & down to hop off your air ride machine.

  • GameCube | Submitted by SupiriorBeing

    Charge Electric Faster

    When you get the electric power with kirby try doing spins. you won't spin but the electricity charges up really fast. the more you spin the faster it charges.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Matt Vicekery

    Special Stars

    Wagon Star: reach the goal line 3 or more times in air ride mode (don't use the free run)
    Wheelie Bike: race all standard air ride courses in air ride mode
    Formula Star: finish Frozen Hillside in under 3 min. 14 seconds
    Rocket Star: finish 1 lap in Machine Passage in under 1 min 5 seconds in free run mode
    Slick Star: in air ride mode finish 2 laps at the Checker Knights level in under 3 min 5 seconds
    Swerve Star: at the sky sands level in air ride mode, finish 2 laps in under 2 min 5 seconds
    King Dedede: defeat over 1000 enemies
    Meta Knight: glide for a consecutive 30 min

  • GameCube | Submitted by Daniel Mcnamara

    Meta Knight

    To get Meta Knight you have to get 30 min. of air time in Air ride. You do not have to stay in the air for 30 min. it adds all of the time that you have ever done

  • GameCube | Submitted by paintshow

    Ability Dispenser

    In the city trail, look for a jump portal next to a building. Jump off the portal and you'll land on a building. If you look down at the building you landed on, you should see a question mark in the building. Fly in through the side and then you'll be able to copy any ability at random.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Game Master, Jared Cosgro

    How to get dragoon

    Here is how to get the dragoon. For the head you must jump higher than 1000 feet in the stadium high jump. To get the body you must fly through the rings in the air 5 times or more. to get the Diamond tail you must glide for 1300 feet in the stadiums air glider.

  • GameCube | Submitted by mike

    Mega Car

    Go to city mode then collect 3 pieces of strange green or blue items it will build you a super car you may need to charge for a while but its fast and practically indestructible ideal for fighting king dedede

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kirby Lover

    Automatic Sword Power

    Once you get the sword power, don't worry about about attacking with it. The sword is automatic. If you don't believe me, try it. Get the sword power and run straight into someone. I don't mean a building, I mean a person

  • GameCube | Submitted by Hugh Jass

    How To Get Marmalaide

    In order to get Marmalaide the witch, you have to go to Top Ride and go to the sand level. Then go near the pirana looking thing and do the hokey-pokey and turn your-self around, because that's what its all about!! No i am just joking... you have to go to City Trial and go to Free Run and play for as long as it will let you, which is 99 minutes,59 seconds and 99 milliseconds.( Hint: You can just sit around and do nothing. It will still work. That is what I did. I just let my Gamecube run for that amount of time. ) When you have gotten Marmalaide, this evil laugh will come on and then you will have Marmalaide on City Trial, Top Ride AND Air Ride! Marmalaide is very very fast!!!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Meta Dragon

    Fly Very Far In "Air Glider" Contest

    In the stadium contest "Air Glider" use the wheelie Scooter, hold the control stick down until you jump off the ramp then push the control stick forward and hold it there, you'll easily do 600 Meters (approx. 1800 feet)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mr.Bum

    Extra Cars In Free Run

    Go to city trial and click on Free-Run mode. Pick a car (any car that you don't want to destroy! This is the car you will not get an extra copy of.). Now once you have picked that car and you're in the city, go under ground, NOT IN THE VOLCANO! (anywhere in the center of the city, by the light house, and use the path that leads down from the clear floor) Walk through it for a little and you should find a all of the other cars EXCEPT the one that you picked. This is a great way to keep going in free run if your car gets destroyed.
    If you see the hole of lava, go into the center of the pit. Yu will fly up on the platform and "FLY LIKE AN EAGLE!"

  • GameCube | Submitted by josh

    How To Get To The Floating Island

    Go to top ride and get first place on sand and water. Then beat all the other course last place. Then go to city trial and be the blue kirby when you go to free run .(just in case you want to know how to change color, select an air ride machine and press y or x.) then select the formula star and when the game begins go to the volcano and go up the trail beside the volcano then go across the bridge and fall in the volcano and it will blast you up to the floating island.

  • GameCube | Submitted by DeDeDe

    How to Get An All Stats Power Up (powers everything up once)

    You have to do City trial and wait for the announcer to say "Flying object has appeared" or something like that. Then go into the volcano and step on a white pad. It should take you to a tower in the sky. When you get there look for a UFO. When it gets close enough jump off and glide on top of it.Then drive to the center and get something that is rain bowed colored.Tada. (There are other items on top too)

Kirby: Air Ride Glitches

  • GameCube | Submitted by TAWERWPE

    Crash and Freeze

    When you get a machine that flies (like the dragoon or winged star), wait for a while and the flying formation might come up. Once one comes up, fly toward and crash into any of them. The game will freeze and you can only turn the game off.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jared Monk

    Machine Breaks Through City Boundries

    city trial; free run

    Get on a well flying machine, like flight warpstar, or (preferably) Draggon. Fly up to the floating platform via the volcano. Zoom in as close as possible on Kirby & fly up above the ocean next to Electric Lounge. When you see the top of the clouds, jump off your machine & press up on the control stick. if you did it right, you & the machine would've left city boundries. you can leave back toward land easy, but to get your machine back, you have to restart.

Kirby: Air Ride Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by SONIC FAN

    Unlock Extra Characters in AirRide Mode

    Galax - Complete 100 laps on any level.
    Meta-Knight - Fly for thirty minutes.
    King Dedede - Beat 1000 enemies.
    Brown Kirby - Use the wing star to beat Zeroyon Attack 2 under 30 seconds.
    Green Kirby - Eat three swordknights and then beat a race.
    Purple Kirby - Beat a two-lap race in Airoon under 2 minutes 30 seconds.
    White Kirby - Beat a two-lap race in Vallerion under 2 minutes 30 seconds.

  • GameCube | Submitted by SONIC FAN

    Unlock Extra Characters in City Trial Mode

    Meta-Knight - Destroy 1000 boxes.
    King Dedede - Beat King Dedede in Event Stage 24.
    Brown Kirby - Use the heavy star to beat Sandoola under 1 minute 30 seconds.
    Green Kirby - Use the cannon to destroy an enemy ten times.
    Purple Kirby - Destroy an enemy vehicle five times.
    White Kirby: - Build the Dragon and the Hydra in one match.

  • GameCube | Submitted by King Dedede

    Unlock Special Feature in City Trial Mode

    Unlock Dragoon Air Ride Machine in Free Run: Fly threw the rings in the sky five times or more. Then in the High Jump Stadium, glide higher than 6,300 feet in the air. Next, in the Air Glider Stadium, glide more than 6,500 feet. Good luck!