Kingdom Hearts has a day one patch on Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix are issuing a day one patch for the cloud version of the Kingdom Hearts games after complaints that the games have an error preventing start up.

As announced by the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, a day one patch has been released addressing issues with both the demo and full versions of the Kingdom Hearts games launching on Nintendo Switch via the cloud. Some players ran into the issue that when opening the game an error occurs which only says "The software was closed because an error occurred." Restarting the console or closing and opening the game didn't seem to fix the error for these players.

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Kingdom Hearts fans were already concerned about this version of the Final Fantasy meets Disney games. The cloud versions usually retail for the same price as standard downloads but with one catch. The cloud version doesn't download to your system, instead you stream it from external servers. This has a few downsides; if you don't have a robust and fast internet connection then this can lead to errors in the service. Also as the Switch promotes itself as a portable console, it removes the possibility for gaming on the go. Finally, if the games are removed from servers you no longer have access to them.

Hopefully the day one patch solves players' problems and they will be able to access their games shortly. It should be noted that some people were able to access their games without issues, and what was causing the error is currently unknown. 

If you are confused as to just how Kingdom Hearts works on Switch you can take a look at our guide on Nintendo Switch cloud games explained.

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