Kingdom Come Deliverance slashes its way into comics

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Image credit: Warhorse Studios)

The hit RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming to comic books with a story set before the events of the game.

(No, this isn't related to the DC comic book series Kingdom Come.)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Death Upon Us #1 cover (Image credit: Niko Walter (Behemoth Comics))

Behemoth Comics' Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Death Upon Us will dive headlong into Bohemia, just as its ruler King Wenceslaus IV is captured by his evil half-brother, King Sigismund. The four-issue series will delve into King Sigismund (with his Cuman mercenaries) and his cohort Istvan Toth (and his bandit army)'s raids on Bohemian villages for valuables - and also to stamp out Wenceslaus loyalists.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Death Upon Us is written by Brett Murphy and drawn by Wilson Gandolpho - both coming off their creator-owned series Paranormal Hitmen (also published by Behemoth). Gandolpho and Niko Walter both draw covers for the book.

Here's a four-page preview of Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Death Upon Us:

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance game is an open-world RPG set in historically accurate 15th-century Czech lands, following the semi-historical struggles in the Roman Empire's province of Bohemia. By the time the game begins Bohemia is already overrun by the invaders, and the story follows a young man named Henry from a mining town as his life is turned upside down and he's pulled into his country's war. The setting and gameplay are grounded in a realism that excludes typical medieval RPG genre trappings like magic, spells, and mythical creatures, instead focusing on believable stories and battles.

Originally released in 2018, Kingdom Come: Deliverance received largely positive reviews and ultimately sold over 4 million units.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance #1 (of 4) goes on sale in June.

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