Kinect hacks provide new bosoms and super powers for all

The Kinect hacks keep on coming. The first turns the user into Ultra Seven, a sixties incarnation of super hero Ultraman who is beloved by generations of Japanese children. The user is able to use Ultra Seven's trademark moves by striking some of his more famous poses.

The second NSFW demo gives users the body and breasts of Soul Calibur’s Ivy. Bouncing and fondling your bosom sends your new pair of tits flying every which-y way. Watching the unsightly mounds flail wildly about looks painfully uncomfortable. The creator, who goes by the name of Senor Casaroja acknowledges the unrealistic behavior of the boobs in question and jokingly suggests that users fap at their own risk. You can find out more about Senor Casaroja’s projects by visiting his engineering oasis,here.

[Source:via KotakuandSiliconera]

Jan 6, 2011