Kick flippin' good

Friday 18 August 2006
One of the tasks in Tony Hawk's latest skate game Project 8 is to impress the locals in the virtual city the game is set in. This latest screenshot shows an novel way of doing this - kick flipping over their heads.

Impressing the locals is only one of the challenges you must undertake in order to turn your created amateur skater into one of the best in the world. Learning skills from pros and proving your worth to your peers is also necessary to develop your skating skills.

Project 8 looks likely to maintain the high standard developer Neversoft has constantly achieved through the extreme sport series. The game engine has been completely rebuilt to get the most out of both PS3 and Xbox 360, which means improved graphics, more motion-capture animations and tighter physics, so the feeling of gravity and momentum will be the most realistic yet.

Above: Good job he wasn't wearing a hat