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Keys to the Kingdom

9. You get to hang with Tron and ride light cycles

And that's really all there is to say about that. You get to visit the world of Tron. You get to race light cycles, ride a Solar Sailer, wear neon helmets and wage combat with computer programs like tanks, the evil Sark and the even more evil MCP. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds and, yes, it deserves its own entry.

10. Another mind-melting secret teaser movie

Everyone who played the original Kingdom Hearts remembers the bizarre and mesmerizing secret trailer that hinted at details of the eventual sequel. Guess what? Kingdom Hearts II has one, too, and it's just as senses-shattering as the first. Although the game's creator Tetsuya Nomura has dropped tantalizing clues in interviews about the movie's content and meaning, including "those three [shown in the video] are completely new people" and "there were fights between keyblades," we really have no idea what to make of it. We certainly don't want to spoil any details, but we will assure you that it is worth any and all effort you put into unlocking its wonders.

How do youunlock the movie? If you're in Standard Mode, lock every world and complete Jiminy's Journal (which, of course, means beating Sephiroth and Paradox Hades Cup Round 49... have fun!)If you're playing in Proud Mode, you just have to lock every world. If you're in Beginner Mode, there's no way to get the movie at all. Suck it up and play Standard or Proud.

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