Keys to the Kingdom

3. Cloud and Sephiroth throw down

Excited yet? You should be. These twoand their volatilerelationship helped makeFFVII one of the most revered games of all time. They'll encounter one another again in Kingdom Hearts II, and if you're in the right place at the right time, you can witness them getting into it again.

4. You and Sephiroth throw down too

Arguably even better than Cloud vs Sephiroth is the fact that you get to soften up the big S yourself. And while you don't have to win the battle, you'll want to - beating him unlocks Fenrir, the second most powerful keyblade in the game. It's also necessary if you want to see the secret teaser trailer at the end of the game, which - trust us - you will.

Beating Sephiroth is all about preparation and memorization. Get to at least level 70 and come equipped with Elixirs, Curaga and Reflega in your shortcut menu; when the sky darkens and he swings at you, Block and then Slide Dash; and when he hunches to prepare a combo, use Guard and Counter Guard to break it and then unleash your own combo. With a lot of time and practice, you will beat him. At that glorious time, go retrieve Cloud from Hollow Bastion Marketplace to finish Sephiroth off in cinematic style.

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