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Keys to the Kingdom

You may wield a mean keyblade and drive a tricked-out Gummi Ship, but are you sure you've seen everything that Square Enix and Disney's latest mouse-and-moogle masterpiece has to offer? Find out as we list 10 of our favorite things from the best-selling action RPG.

1. Mickey Mouse is a stud

One of the original game's most enigmatic figures, King Mickey is hidden in shadow no more. In fact, he's pretty much a Jedi, able to carve enemies to piecesin a fight with Yoda-like agility.

You may actually be able to control the world%26rsquo;s most famous mouse yourself - if you're lucky and you suck badly enough. Getting knocked out in certain boss battles may present you with the option %26ldquo;I Won't Give Up!%26rdquo; Choosing this should call Mickey in and let you control him until Sora regains consciousness.

Below: Mickey Mouse. Tough guy.

2. You've never played battles like these

Kingdom Hearts II is brimming with creativity and this extends to the fight sequences. Think one Heartless is a handful? Imagine facing a thousand of them - single-handedly - in one of the most epic brawls in the game. It also makes you feel like a total wrecking machine when you plow through them.

Before the adventure is over, you'll also get the chance to brawl with usually-a-good-guy-but-not-at-the-moment Beast from Beauty and the Beast; transform into a lion cub to claw your way through heartless, hyenas, and feline foes in The Lion King 's Pride Lands; and - for the first time in a video game that we can recall - even roll through portions of a boss battle having been transformed into a six-sided die. That's right, the singular of dice. As in, the cube-shaped things you toss at the craps table in Vegas in the process of giving all your chips to the emotionless man in the tuxedo shirt.

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