Keiji Inafune working on a PSP love sim

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu revealed this week that famed developer Keiji Inafune will be %26ldquo;cooperating%26rdquo; on the game Bakudan Handan, a love-themed adventure game coming to PSP. The title is being developed as a shared project between Idea Factory and Capcom, which is no surprise considering that Inafune is a former head of development at Capcom, and Idea Factory is, well... weird sometimes.

What is meant by Inafune's %26ldquo;cooperating%26rdquo; is still unclear, but the man has lent his likeness to games developed by the Idea Factory subsidiary Compile Heart before. In the JRPG Neptune Mk-II Inafune's likeness is used in several attacks, including the dreaded Donnahandanda Nova: A beam that comes out of Inafune's mouth as the camera zooms up on his face. It's beautiful.

However there's no reason to assume there will be a sexy-love Inafune beam in Bakudan Handan. Inafune's cooperation could be as little as lending his name to the new game, as Famitsu also reports that a "Keiji Inafune" is the main character's in-game uncle and that there is a theme park filled with arcade games and attractions being developed by Inafune. It's unclear if Famitsu was referring to the in-game character manipulating the park, or if the real-world Inafune is actually assisting development of that section of the game.

Whatever Inafune's involvement turns out to be, the focus of the gameplay won't be on him. Bakudan Handan is about regaining control of a theme park from a mysterious figure armed with explosives and dressed in a bear suit. Along the way you'll be romanced by a series of charming gentlemen. It's due for PSP in 2012 in Japan, but we wouldn't hold our breaths for a domestic release.


Aug 17, 2011