Keep it up, MMO fans: Destiny 2 community joins WoW's in clowning on AI writers with secret boss Glorbo

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 players have joined their World of Warcraft brethren in fooling AI-written articles with a fake character.

Earlier this month, WoW players decided to run a little social experiment. A few of them gathered together on the game's subreddit to laud the arrival of Glorbo, a prestigious character new to the MMO. The character was entirely fake, of course, but AI bots weren't going to know that, so some reported on the thing treating Glorbo as fact. 

Now Destiny 2 fans have got in on the fun. Just like their WoW counterparts, the community made several Reddit posts earlier this week heralding the famed Glorbo, and AI writers for at least two websites swallowed the bait whole. In case you needed another example of why AI writing and publishing is a silly idea inherently doomed to fail with numerous errors along the way.

We got another one! from r/destiny2

It's fascinating to see Glorbo take on new characteristics as the Destiny 2 community runs wild with the idea. Some casual players are annoyed by all the Glorbo spoilers because they haven't been able to fight him yet. Some say Glorbo ruined the game entirely because it's "just a stupid cash grab" (absolutely, positively couldn't be Destiny players). Others reckon Glorbo is the best secret boss in Destiny 2's long tradition of hidden missions. I'm starting to wish Glorbo was real.  

"A WHOPPING 500 DAMAGE," says one Reddit comment skewering the AI post, noting their "primary sidearm is casually doing 7k damage per second lol." Who would've thought a story with an AI byline would completely miss the most basic details and systems of the game it's covering. 

Apropos of absolutely nothing, the SAG-AFTRA strikes are still rolling on, weeks after the union initially announced a joint strike between actors and writers. One of the issues both professions are striking over is movie studios utilizing AI for acting and writing purposes, as well as pay for both actors and writers on Hollywood productions.

SAG-AFTRA said studios declined to re-start strike negotiations as recently as earlier this week, meaning the strikes are far from over. 

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