Kaz Hirai levels-up to Sony CEO. We celebrate by remembering the finest moment in the entire history of Kaz Hirai

Big news in the non-stop exciting world of corporate business today. Sony has confirmed that Kazuo Hirai will take the position of President and CEO on April 1 later this year. Howard Stringer, the man currently holding those titles, moves up a weight and becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors. So that's great news for Kazuo, or 'Kaz' as he is affectionately known by his closest friends and everyone on the Internet. In the absence of actually getting him a congratulatory card or a new pink shirt, what better way to celebrate this high-powered leveling-up than by remembering Kaz Hirai's finest ever moment. Which is this:

Yes, we could have gone for any number of countless stand-out moments from his unforgettable 2006 'Ridge Racer' tour, but this is Kaz at the absolute top of his game. Recorded in January 2011 at a press event in Tokyo, Kaz is unfazed as he reveals to the world Sony's PS Vita. Even with a thousand blinding camera flashes, Hirai retains the demeanour of a man that's successfully blamed a stinky bum trumpet on the dog and effortlessly bridges the gap between business-like, Zen-like and child-like.

Good luck with the new job Kaz.

Matt Cundy
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