Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong is a real comic that includes actual monster sounds

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong art
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The Justice League are about to find themselves stuck in the middle of one of the all-time classic movie rivalries: the battle between Godzilla and King Kong. It's all happening in a new seven issue limited series published by DC and Legendary Comics, appropriately titled Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong.

Written by Brian Buccelatto with art from Christian Duce and Luis Guerrero, Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong kicks off like an average Justice League story, with the heroes clashing against their rivals in the Legion of Doom. But then the twist comes in - and what a twist - as the DC Universe comes face-to-face with the so-called "Monsterverse," and the Justice League must navigate a conflict between two of the most famous giant monsters in fiction.

Here's a gallery of interior art from Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong #1, along with the main cover by Drew Johnson, as well as several variant covers from interior artist Christian Duce - including a pair of "Roar Sound FX" gatefold covers which actually make the iconic roaring sounds of Godzilla and Kong when opened:

"As a comics fan—there's nothing more fun and exciting than exploring those amazing 'What If' situations that come up when fandoms cross streams!" states Jim Lee, DC president publisher and chief creative officer. "In this case, it's a matchup of the world’s greatest Super Heroes in the Justice League who take on not only the King of the Monsters - Godzilla - but the mighty Kong himself! It's a crossover no-holds-barred battle, decades in the making, and no bona fide comics fan will want to miss it!"

Interestingly enough, Godzilla has battled other superheroes before - but ones from the Marvel Universe. Most famously, Godzilla once crossed over with Iron Man during the classic kaiju's own 24-issue Marvel Comic title which ran from 1977-1979.

"There have been a couple of classic crossovers since I started reading comics: Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans - and we hope Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong joins that list of unforgettable meetings," adds Robert Napton, SVP & publisher of Legendary Comics. "I am grateful to everyone at DC, Legendary Entertainment, and Toho International for the passionate support we received to have these worlds collide!"

Justice League Vs. Godzilla. Vs. Kong #1 goes on sale October 17.

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong may qualify as one of the weirdest comic book crossovers that actually happened.

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