Justice League had to digitally remove Henry Cavill's 'stache because another film wouldn't let him shave it off

It’s not uncommon for movies to undergo reshoots, but none are as interesting and possibly tone-changing as the redux of Justice League. There’s just one problem: some of the movie’s stars hadn’t quite expected to be called back – with Superman star Henry Cavill having to have his ‘stache digitally removed in post-production, having grown it for another film.

Variety have laid down the deets for the reshoot of the DC superhero extravaganza, now helmed by Joss Whedon. Hilariously, Henry Cavill’s facial hair could cause quite a problem for reshoots, as he clearly isn’t the Man of Steel razors. That’s right, Supes’ ‘stache is probably his new Kryptonite (to women at least). Cavill is contractually required to keep the facial hair while filming the new Mission: Impossible so his upper lip will have to be digitally edited. God help the intern they pull in to help on that.

Facial hair removal isn’t the only thing going down in these reshoots. It sounds like Whedon’s presence is going to prove useful, with sources wanting to ‘punch up the dialogue’. If there’s one thing Whedon does well, it’s snappy banter – a must for a team-up movie. And, lest we forget, he has experience on not one but two Avengers flicks.

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Image: DC/Warner Bros.

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