Grappling hooks at the ready - looks like Just Cause 4 is real and coming in December

Hold on to your grappling hooks, people. Just Cause 4 is official, and it's coming to Xbox One this December 4. That's huge news, as Avalanche Studios' franchise has always been a huge hit on other platforms, and the new game looks... chaotic. As you'd expect, realism is out of the window, and it's all about having fun by blowing stuff up and pulling off ridiculous stunts with weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. It's pure, destructive entertainment. The first footage was shown off at the Xbox E3 2018 press briefing.

Here are the facts. Rico Rodriguez is back, and it looks like he's stirred up a hornet's nest of trouble. He's being hunted by an organisation called The Black Hand, and they seem keen to end his life by whatever means possible. Thankfully, you've got all the gadgets to make sure that doesn't happen. New to the series are drones,  armoured hovercraft, and... oh, an actual jetpack - which looks more like a rocket that Rico simply straps to his back. Ok then. 

The first trailer shows our hero slamming a motorbike into chopper. Then crashing a jet into BioDome. And, yes, driving a car into a tornado then using it to launch himself into the air. Silly, sure, but heaps of fun. Expect other types of natural disasters to play a part in the final game too.

The game launches on December 4 on Xbox One, and it's coming to other platforms too (PS4 and PC). Expect to see a full preview from the show floor at E3.

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Andy Hartup