Joseph Quinn's first post-Stranger Things film to screen at the BFI London Film Festival

Eddie in Stranger Things
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Joseph Quinn's first post-Stranger Things outing is getting an early screening at the BFI London Film Festival.

Hoard, a new drama starring Quinn from indie filmmaker Luna Carmoon, was announced earlier this year and began filming in April. An excerpt of the movie will screen as part of the festival's Works-in-Progress showcase, where each feature film is either currently in project, post-production, or near-completion. The aim of the showcase is to attract potential buyers and festival programmers (via Deadline).

The new indie flick is a "tale of mother and daughter," first following main character Maria as a child, then skipping ahead to her as an 18-year-old navigating both the past and the present. Things become even more complicated when a man named Michael (Quinn) comes to stay. Per the synopsis, "The shimmering memories that she once suppressed begin to haunt her; as grief never really heals does it? It simply disguises itself in things." Hayley Squires and Saura Lightfoot Leon also star.

Quinn shook the world with his performance as metalhead Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4, earning a Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Character and going viral in the process. There's no word yet on whether or not he'll make a triumphant return in Stranger Things season 5, but fans already have a few theories.

"[Hoard] is helmed by this extraordinary woman called Luna Carmoon. She’s something special, and I hope the film will be too," the actor told SID Magazine.

An excerpt of the film is set to screen at the BFI Film Festival on October 8.

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