Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio re-enact Titanic for SNL

Jonah Hill hosted the latest Saturday Night Live and the Oscar-nominated star took the opportunity to introduce a new friend during his opening monologue in the form of Wolf Of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio...

As third-time host of SNL , Hill knows the ropes for the live entertainment show, but as he says in his opening monologue, his acting career is moving him on to bigger and better things.

And one of those things, it seems, is Mr DiCaprio, who made a surprise appearance during Hill’s introduction to the show, at first berating him for acting like a big-shot before relenting to “do that thing they did every day” on the set of The Wolf Of Wall Street .

And that “thing” just so happened to be a recreation of the famous Titanic embrace.

Watch Hill’s entire opening monologue from the show below: