Jon Heder starring in Alive And Well

Jon Heder has signed up to star in Buddy Holly Is Alive And Well On Ganymede.

The movie - which is likely to be shortened to just Alive And Well - is based on Bradley Denton's comic sci-fi novel.

Alive's story lives up to the promise of its odd title as across the world, every TV goes blank, before returning with an image of dead rocker Buddy Holly (below) looking very much alive and with a message for the world.

Seems an unassuming electronics salesman named Oliver Vale (Heder) might have the answer to why Holly is A) alive and B) broadcasting from one of Jupiter's moons.

The message sends Vale off on a mad road-trip as he tries to evade disguised aliens, a cyborg dog and annoyed TV-lovers looking for an explanation as to why their sets don't work.

Robert Rugan penned the script and will shoot the indie comedy around Heder's schedule, since he's busy working on sitcom Woke Up Dead.

[Source: Variety ]

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