Johnny Blaze may be too late to save his brother's life in Ghost Rider #15

The cover for Ghost Rider #15.
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The current run of Ghost Rider continues down its dark and dangerous path as Johnny Blaze and disgraced FBI agent Talia Warroad's investigation into a demonic entity has led to the discovery that it was none other than Johnny's brother, Danny Ketch, all along!

Ghost Rider #15, written by Benjamin Percy and drawn by Cory Smith, with inks by Oren Junior and colours by Bryan Valenza, picks up with Johnny and Talia at the sinister (and unsubtly-named) Infernal Labs, where they're looking for Danny. As you'll see, however, they may have bitten off more than they can chew...

Check out a gallery of pages from the new issue below.

Marvel's official blurb for the new issue reads: 

"Infernal Labs has successfully siphoned the spirit out of Danny Ketch - in order to power Dr. Diyu’s demonic experiments - and now it’s up to Johnny to save his brother and close a fiery portal to Hell before it’s too late!"

Danny Ketch is, of course, the second Ghost Rider, introduced back in May 1990's Ghost Rider #1. As the '90s run progressed it was revealed that both Danny and his sister Barbara were Johnny's long lost siblings. Alas, poor Barb was attacked by ninjas and then murdered by Blackout. Danny's relationship with his Spirit of Vengeance has traditionally been more cooperative than Johnny's. Recently, however, he's been the host of the Spirit of Corruption - something that he's been trying to shake off, with potentially calamitous results.

Ghost Rider #15 is published by Marvel Comics on June 28.

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