John Singleton leaves The A-Team

20th Century Fox has announced that John Singleton has left the director’s chair of the A-Team movie after disagreements about the film’s development.

Singleton had been set to helm the film, which had been mooted as a June 2009 release.

But, as Variety reports, while Singleton had been developing a script and talking to all and sundry about his dream cast, the film has been moving forward at iceberg speed.

Script Issues

The breaking point apparently came when the studio told the director that it wanted more time for script rewrites, with the film already having been through several drafts.

Now Singleton’s off, which likely leaves Ice Cube, Tyrese and co in the lurch as to whether they’ll actually join the movie.

All you A-Team fans will now have to wait until June 2010 (or possibly later here in the UK) to see if the soldiers for hire can work on the big screen.

Yes, by the time Hannibal, BA, Face and co reach our cinemas, the Alexi Leonov will already be on its way to Jupiter to figure out what happened to Discovery.

But cheer up, it looks like we’ll have the Alvin And The Chipmunks sequel (or “Squeakuel” as they’re hilariously calling it) to keep us happy for Christmas 2009! Everybody celebrate! No, stop crying.

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