John Lasseter talks Cars 2 and Toy Story 3

This weekend's Disney D23 Expo will have geared down by the time you read this, but there was plenty to report about the studio's upcoming films - especially Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.

Taking the stage, Disney/Pixar masterbrain John Lasseter announced new details for Toy Story 3, including that Jeff Garlin (Wall-E's human captain), Bonnie Hunt (a Pixar regular) and Whoopi Goldberg would be joining the voice cast.

Also announced was the voice of Andy - which Pixar has, pleasingly, chosen to keep in the family, bringing John Morris, who voiced him in both previous films, back for the job.

We've already had a look at some footage from the film, so we're naturally excited to see more.

On the subject of Cars 2, Lasseter outlined a little more about the characters' round-the-globe travels. It appears that Lightning, Mater and co will be off to Japan, Germany, Italy, Paris and the UK, all with typically Cars-ian make-overs (read for "Big Bentley"?)

And part of the plot will see Mater mistaken for a secret agent when he accidentally saves the life of an actual spy, the Aston Martin Fin McMissile.

Lasseter refused to be drawn on who would be voicing Fin, but since they've got Timothy Dalton playing hedgehog Mr Pricklepants, could they have asked him to also lay down some Bond-style vocals? We'll have to wait and see.

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