Joel Schumacher rejoins the fang club

It’s been nearly 20 years since Joel Schumacher last brought us vampires on film, cranking out The Lost Boys during the ‘80s.

And now, with his musical fetish dealt with on Phantom Of The Opera, and work on his latest – numerical thriller The Number 23 – all but complete, Schumacher is turning his attention back to the pointy-toothed children of the night.

Gold Circle Films has struck a deal with Schumacher to helm Town Creek, which tells the tale of a man who has to deal with his moral demons and some very real nasties in order to hunt down and destroy a family helping a Nazi vampire that had been keeping his brother captive as an all-you-can-eat blood buffet.

Dave Kajganich, the writer behind the upcoming Nicole Kidman-starring Body Snatchers remake The Visiting, is getting his teeth into the script right now.