Jodie Foster says there are two movies everyone should watch at least once - and one is Team America

Team America: World Police
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From starring in smash hit movies such as Silence of the Lambs and Taxi Driver, it comes as no surprise that Jodie Foster has impeccable taste in films, but one of her recent movie recommendations comes as a bit of a shock.

In a conversation with Interview magazine, the actor was asked to pick one movie she thinks everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Foster replied, “Well, Everything Everywhere All at Once.” laughingly adding, “Oh, and this is probably number one—the puppet movie Team America: World Police.”

Foster’s first answer comes as no surprise, as Everything Everywhere All at Once, starring Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, and Jamie Lee Curtis, shot straight to the top of many people's favorite lists and even won Best Picture in 2023.

From indie picture house A24, the flick follows a middle-aged Chinese immigrant named Evelyn (Yeoh) who gets swept up in an insane time-bending adventure while being audited by the IRS. She soon finds out that her daughter’s villainous alter ego is causing chaos and seeks to destroy the universe to get revenge on her mother, Evelyn must search universe after universe to find Joy and overcome their divide to save all of humanity.

The Panic Room star’s second answer is a bit of a wild card. Team America: World Police is a puppet-filled parody movie following an elite counter-terrorism organization and its satirical shenanigans. Directed by South Park’s Trey Parker, this film points fun at archetypal action movies and American militarism, but don't be fooled by the puppets, this movie is certainly not for kids.

It seems Foster’s second answer was a bit of a joke on her part, but on the other hand, who doesn't enjoy a silly parody movie now and then? Later in the interview, the actor solidified this, adding, “A sense of humor is my touchstone, and I have a very dumb sense of humor.”

Everything Everywhere All at Once is available to watch on Prime Video right now, and Team America: World Police is ready to stream on Paramount Plus. For more check out our list of upcoming movies heading your way in 2023 and beyond.

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