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Jimmy O. Yang reflects on Silicon Valley's "bittersweet" ending

(Image credit: HBO)

Silicon Valley has come to an end. The TV series that took tech giants to task was a remarkable comedy that introduced the world to some great comedians. The finale, which aired in December, was met with glowing reviews, bringing the series to a downbeat close. 

GamesRadar+ caught up with Jian-Yang actor Jimmy O. Yang while doing interviews for Space Force – the new Netflix series – and asked about Silicon Valley coming to an end. 

"It’s definitely bittersweet," he says. "It’s the show that gave me my break. And I think my character really developed over the years into something else – for people that watched the show – into something quite diabolical and different. And I truly do love the character, and I love the creators and all the actors on the show.

"But everyone’s moved on to do greater things, which is what’s great about that show. It’s been a great springboard. I mean, Kumail Nanjiani’s in Marvel movies [The Eternals] and everything else. And I’m glad I’ve got Space Force. So it’s quite bittersweet. And if they ever want to reboot it or make a movie, I’m not saying that’s… anything. But I would love to do it again. And we still keep in touch. It’s a group of great people."

The actor and comic will next appear in Space Force, which reaches Netflix on Friday, May 29. Meanwhile, while there are currently no plans for a sequel to Silicon Valley, we can definitely recommend the show Devs from Alex Garland – a more series drama that also takes a closer look at the work ethic of the real Silicon Valley.

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