Jim Carrey says Yes to bungee jumping

On the final day of the shoot for his latest comedy Yes Man, Jim Carrey leapt from the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, north of LA.

Fortunately, he was attached securely to a bungee rope, but it’s still unusual to see a star do something like this without a green screen or CG double these days.

Our Contributing Ed in LA was watching from the bridge and snapped this pic of Carrey as he greeted the press on his triumphant return. “This is what you’ve gotta do to compete with Britney Spears,” he joked, before remarking that he’d do it again. “Just not today...”

The plot of Yes Man (adapted from Danny Wallace’s tome) finds Carrey as an ordinary guy who’s always saying no to everything. But after a life-changing seminar, he begins to explore the idea that “if you say yes to things, you're generally better off,” according to the actor. Who still probably wishes he hadn’t said yes to The Number 23.

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