Jet Li and Jackie Chan plan action movie

So all those adverts announcing that Jet Li’s Fearless is his last action epic ever? They now sound like a big fat lie.

Well, sort of. While Fearless is being touted as his last “martial arts film” it doesn’t look like Li is swapping fists for long walks on lonely beaches to the strains of sighing violins, or hilarious kid flicks with a wacky elephant named Steve just yet. Because according to Jackie Chan, he and Li are gearing up to make an all-action thriller in China.

"All the hurdles have been overcome. The only problem left is the script," Chan told The Associated Press at a press event for a new Hong Kong action comedy, Rob-B-Hood. “We need a script that he approves and I approve. If that goes well, shooting will start in March or April in Shanghai.”

But with one eye on their ever-growing western fan base, it sounds like the pair is going to keep things a little Hollywood. "It will be more American-style. It will be more suited to foreign audiences than Chinese audiences," he blabbed. "If you make a Hollywood movie, of course you have to follow their wishes. They're paying us so much money."

Chan, meanwhile, still has to shoot Rush Hour 3 in France with Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker. As for Li, Fearless is on the way and if he wants to talk about that elephant film idea, we’d advise his people to call our people and we’ll do lunch at the zoo.