Jeff Minter starts working on Spore

Between posting pictures of sheep and writing rants about how his games aren't selling on Xbox Live, Jeff Minter has updated his livejournal with his own creations in the Spore Creature Creator.

The Llamasoft founder is well known for his interest in animals and creatures, even at one point creating an entire franchise based around Mutant Camels.

His Spore Creatures are unmistakably Minter creations, from the prominent bladders to the small anus of Butt Ox.

And unlike the mass amount of penis-related monsters currently out there, we can imagine these things evolving into space-faring imperialists who would dump all over our civilisation.

Which makes us consider the worrying possibility that we'll soon be seeing a Jeff Minter helmed galactic empire. To see more from the Llama lover, check outhis livejournal.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 23, 2008