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Jeff Lemire and Jock team up for mystery title Snow Angels

Snow Angels logo
(Image credit: comiXology)

Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Jock have teamed up to create a comiXology original comic book series titled Snow Angels which will debut in 2021 … and that's literally all the information the creators and publisher have released.

Lemire, Jock, and comiXology each simply tweeted a teaser video showing a hand – presumably Jock's – hand-drawing the Snow Angels logo, along with some music. No art was shown or synopsis given by the publisher or creators.

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Lemire and Jock each have an extensive history in both creator-owned work and in mainstream superhero comic books – though this marks the first time the pair have created a series together.

Lemire is perhaps best known as the writer and artist of his dystopian tale Sweet Tooth, which depicts a post-apocalyptic future where animal-human mutant hybrids are ruthlessly hunted. Sweet Tooth is currently in development as a Netflix live action series. Lemire is also the co-creator of Black Hammer, an ongoing superhero comic book with its own universe of spin-offs, characters, and titles. He's had notable runs on Marvel and DC titles such as X-Men, Sentry, Green Arrow, and the recent DC Black Label series Joker: Killer Smile.

Jock's mainstream superhero work has also been on characters such as Green Arrow, who Jock and Andy Diggle gave a new origin story in the limited series Green Arrow: Year One, as well as multiple runs on different Batman titles. He also wrote and drew an arc of the Marvel title Savage Wolverine, and has an extensive background drawing 2000AD's Judge Dredd. He's also drawn numerous covers for a variety of publishers.

comiXology has given no indication when more information on Snow Angels will arrive – only that the comic will publish in 2021.

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