Jedi Knight fans rejoice: These free dynamic themes are Star Wars art for your PS4

(Image credit: Lucasarts/Aspyr)

If you'd like a new way to celebrate your love of Star Wars and prove your retro cred all at the same time, allow me to direct your attention to this pair of free new PS4 themes.

The company that brought Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast to PS4 and Switch last year - and which is bringing Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy to the same consoles this year - has put together a pair of dynamic themes to celebrate the pair of games. They both drink deep of the delicious early '00s sci-fi aesthetic that informed their respective designs.

The first theme is inspired by the Jedi Outcast box art. It has a 3D rotating Jedi Knight logo (how am I only now realizing that those lines coming out of the logo's lightsaber make a "J" and a "K"), floating in a beam of light in the right third of the screen. There's a burst of light around the hilt that is also rotating, because things rotate in science fiction and I would not change that for all the world.

The second theme is inspired by the Jedi Academy box art. The Jedi Academy logo no longer rotates, since it's inlaid into an old temple wall or something like that. The dynamic element here is a few shafts of light that peacefully play over the scene. It's very meditative. I'm sure Yoda would approve.

You can get both of the themes by signing up for Aspyr's newsletter on its official site - you'll need to register for each one individually, then Aspyr will email you codes that you can punch into the PlayStation Store. You can unsubscribe right after if you just want the themes and don't want to stay up to date on all the latest Aspyr developments.

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