Jean-Claude Van Damme talks!

Things have been a little quiet on the Jean-Claude Van Damme front since his action heyday in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Sure, he’s been working steadily, but can you honestly say you remember a film he’s been in since the turn of the century?

Now, though he’s back in a big way – sort of. He’s got several new films either ready for release (including one interesting sounding film that finds him playing a washed-up movie star who stumbles on a real-life bank robbery and sees his chance to be a hero again). And there are of course the by-the-numbers actioners.

He also reveals that Brett Ratner tried to hire him for the latest Rush Hour and that he turned down the makers of the new Street Fighter entry: “I don't want to make a movie and then come home and be unhappy about it. Life is short. I'm 47 years old. I've got 10 years to go where I can be the best I can be. I want those 10 years to be precious, not like before, cranking out two or three movies a year.”

MTV has the whole interview